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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Pengakuan Ikhlas...

Boring2 ari tu, aku ada baca paper kat internet, tapi bukan paper Malaysia (aku bukan paham sangat pun apa yang diorang tulis..), tapi paper The Independent (paper UK). Walaupun sekarang ni aku tinggal kat Malaysia, namun aku masih amik tau serba sedikit perkembangan di sana sebab kenangan masa tinggal di Birmingham dulu masih tersemat di sanubaRi (Cewwahh!). Kat bawah ni ada artikel yang aku baca.

Papers: Wenger backs Reds.
17/03/2009 09:36

Wenger backs Red Devils for title
Arsene Wenger reckons Liverpool's win over Manchester United "flattered" Rafael Benitez's side and insists United are still favourites to win the league. Wenger, whose side are 13 points behind United, is unconvinced anyone can catch the champions, despite Liverpool's win on Saturday. "There are two things I'd like to say. Firstly, congratulations to Liverpool for winning with an emphatic score, but I think... it is a very flattering score. For big spells in the game, Manchester United dominated but they made mistakes on the day that usually they don't do. Some players looked a bit mentally tired. It opens up the race for the title, even though I still believe Manchester United are in a strong position with the game in hand."

Sam Wallace, The Independent.

p/s: To Ajak dan Karen Mok, Lu Pikirla Sendri!!

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